“BONEYARD ZOMBIES are a combination of Punk/Goth/Psychobilly & 50s/60s garage Rock n Roll is a pure one off & not for the faint of heart. The BoneYard Zombies are as wild, dark, energetic & aggressive as their reputation suggests & guaranteed, that when you get bitten by these Zombies, the Psychobilly plague will begin!!!

"BONEYARD ZOMBIES" new retro look album "DEATH RATTLE & ROLL" out now!!!


We are currently working on tracks for a new album for 2015/2016. Dunk Rock has left the band & now sings for “Crawlin’ Hex”. The Zombies have found a new frontman & all will be revealed very soon … keep it dark guys & ghouls …

Syd Zilla, Tommy Couch & Andy (wild Dice) Wilkinson

Boneyard Zombies