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If you want to break into radio as a singer, musician, Presenter, Actor or DJ, you'll need a personalised Audio/Video Show reel to showcase your talent and range?

If you, or know someone who has their own “X Factor” but doesn’t have the band or accompaniment to make your or their own showcase/audition CD or video,

Here IS just what you are looking for…

 Under the umbrella of XGypsy music & video production,
YOU SHOWCASE can provide you with all that you need with one ingredient that others don’t…


We take into consideration what your needs & requirements are beforehand & work with you throughout the whole process.

All that we ask is you have a clear idea of what you want before the session.


If the track you are creating requires additional music ie: drums, guitars, keys, orchestral or backing vocals, we can also provide all of these & a whole lot more. As a session singer & musician, Tony Mitchell can offer his 30 years experience & knowledge for your song/s. (if you have a backing track, please specify)


If you have a specific style that you want your song/track/video audition or piece to be, we will be more than happy to research & work with you to get the desired results.


We have worked for many years with various bands & artists, filming music videos, documentaries & live concerts as “WOLF SPIRIT UK”.

We can offer you HD music videos to the desired style (live or full production),

Video auditions to chroma key (green screen), natural or in character, from acting, poetry, singing, playing to still photography portraits.


To schedule & book for a YOU SHOWCASE session


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Do you have the “X Factor” but don’t have the band or accompaniment to make your own showcase/audition CD or video,?

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Musician Special Bundle

Acting/Broadcasting/Presenting Bundle

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