Mitchell is currently fully booked throughout the year

With gigs all over the UK & recording commitments with Xgypsy’s various projects …

Keep checking in for more news.

Solo Acoustic





6th Steamer – Fleetwood

27th Carleton Bowling Club – Carleton


4th Wings - Cleveleys

12th - Kings Own Old Comrades Club - Fleetwood

5th - Catholic Club - Blackpool

18th - Broadwaters Holiday Park - Fleetwood


9th Steamer – Fleetwood

17th Broadwaters Holiday Park – Fleetwood

15th the Berkeley – Wigan

22nd Windy Harbour - Hambleton

30th Bispham Cons – Bispham


6th Steamer (Acoustic) – Fleetwood

14th Wings – Cleveleys

21st - Kings Own Old Comrades Club - Fleetwood


4h Steamer– Fleetwood

17th Wings – Cleveleys


2nd - Kings Own Old Comrades Club - Fleetwood

23rd Carleton Bowling Club – Carleton

30th Steamer – Fleetwood


6th Windy Harbour - Hambleton (1 spot)

28th Broadwaters Holiday Park – Fleetwood (1 spot)


3rd - Kings Own Old Comrades Club - Fleetwood

9th Steamer (Acoustic) – Fleetwood

23rd the Berkeley – Wigan


1st Steamer (Acoustic) – Fleetwood

15th Bispham Cons – Bispham

21st Windy Harbour - Hambleton

28th Wings – Cleveleys


4th Broadwaters Holiday Park – Fleetwood

12th - Kings Own Old Comrades Club - Fleetwood

19th Carleton Bowling Club – Bispham

26th Steamer – Fleetwood


17th - Kings Own Old Comrades Club (XMAS SHOW) - Fleetwood

31st NEW YEARS EVE – Steamer - Fleetwood

Tony Mitchell’s one man show ticks all the boxes for sheer entertainment. It ranges from his classic rock anthems, 50s/60s/70s classics to big guitar solo songs, sing along party favourites to his renowned live solo acoustic show.

He has performed his solo show all over the UK for many years to thousands of people. His show is all about dynamics, emotion & making people have the best time they can have.

Mitchell’s live solo acoustic show has had rave reviews & is a must if you want a perfect night of pure stripped down easy listening acoustic songs. He puts his own stamp on the covers often using a looper stompbox for added dynamics.

Because Mitchell has various ongoing projects, he chooses his gigs & venues to suit his schedule so if you want to book Mitchell, please do it well in advance. Just go to the contact page & leave your details.

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Updated Feb 2016


Please Note: These dates do not include Mitchell’s hotel gigs, private functions or studio sessions. These are the only dates that are open to the general public. Please keep checking as more dates will be added frequently. All dates subject to change so for any enquiries, please contact to venue beforehand. To book Tony Mitchell, please use the contact info provided on the contact page.

Thank you.