In 1991, Kiss of the Gypsy was to release their  first and last album, “KISS OF THE GYPSY”. With such high acclaim and excellent reviews worldwide, nobody predicted that their journey would be so short. Just lasting 3 years, 1 album and 3 singles, Kiss of the Gypsy achieved more than most bands do in a decade. They were signed by Jason Flom from Atlantic records USA in 1991 and was huge achievement for the 5 local boys from the North of England. Atlantic saw the raw blues rock style that only the likes of Free, Aerosmith, Steve Marriott and Bad Company had done years before. The first single “WHATEVER IT TAKES” did well but the band never felt that it represented themselves like other songs on the album but as Ahmet Ertegun (head of ATLANTIC RECORDS USA) loved the song and insisted, they gladly went with it. It did well and on the back of that, they constantly toured throughout the world, ripping through there shows with high energy, raw power and honest rock and roll to incredible responses from crowds and all media.

When Atlantic UK folded that year, Kiss of the Gypsy was passed over to EAST WEST UK to take over who had passed up the chance to sign the band months before ATLANTIC did. This presented the problem of not being as prioritised as before. They stuck to what they always did best, touring! Kiss of the Gypsy played everywhere and anywhere living and breathing rock wherever they played. Unfortunately, album/single releases and promotion didn’t go hand in hand and the timing and planning was out of their hands. In 1992 Kiss of the Gypsy started work on a new album with a fresher and more adventurous sound which they aired at the BULLDOG BASH in a magical evening. To this day, the songs have never been released and with the lack of record company support, Kiss of the Gypsy called it a day in 1993. What started off as one of the most promising bands to come out of the UK, ended,  in a situation that was out of their hands but one thing is for sure, KISS OF THE GYPSY MADE THEIR MARK IN ROCK AND ROLL HISTORY!!!

All member of Kiss of the Gypsy & the crew still remain great friends & get together every so often to support Yuto Fest



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