DTM Music Portrait

What do you buy the one that has everything?

Do you have a special engagement, anniversary or birthday and have run out of gift ideas?

Do you have a wedding planned but can’t decide on the first dance?

Do you have all the words in your head but can’t put them to music?

Have you ever wanted to write a song with a professional songwriter?

Problem solved!

After over 25 years of writing and recording songs for various bands & artists of all genres, DTM have found the perfect way to give it the personal touch. “MUSIC PORTRAIT” is the brainchild of Tony & Dawn Mitchell, “so many people over the years, tell me that certain songs that I have written, could be the soundtrack to their own life and every word could be about them so they adopt it as their own song”. MUSIC PORTRAIT allows you to do more than just pick a song to show your feelings to the one you love,


It’s a tried and tested formula and is the most unique heart felt gift you can give to anyone. Whether it’s to a loved one, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister or Friend. When you think you have run out of gift ideas and think they have everything, think again! When you have run out of words to express yourself, why not say it in song?

DTM provide the ideal song canvas for your thoughts and feelings!

Simply contact DTM and specify the genre or style you would like your song to be, forward as much information as possible i.e.:

Thoughts and feelings

Past and memories

Good and bad times


What the future might hold

Photos and Names (optional for CD artwork/video)

Please specify if there is a deadline to be met.

(If there is a personal audio message you want us to put on the recording, please specify. Alternatively, if you can record your own audio message yourself and email it as an mp3 to us, we will make sure it is on the intro or outro of the recording.

DTM have one of the brightest and most sought after professional songwriters in the UK in Tony Mitchell (XGYPSY music) signed with ATLANTIC RECORDS USA and WARNER CHAPPELL publishing for 20 years with “KISS OF THE GYPSY”. Mitchell has worked with ALICE COOPER, PAUL RODGERS, JON ANDERSON, RICK WAKEMAN, ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, TONY HADLEY, KISS OF THE GYPSY, JOHN BECK & DICK NOLAN (IT BITES), BRITISH ROCK SYMPHONY, COWBOYS & ANGELS, STEALERS WHEEL, JOHN McENROE, PAT CASH, JANNICK NOAH (PTA TOUR) and also composes for all FILM, TV and MEDIA

If there are any artists or bands that you would like the song to be in the style of, please specify. DTM will then piece the jigsaw of your thoughts together to form a lyric arrangement. DTM then arrange the song musically around your words in the genre or style that you have specified. DTM provide top session musicians and vocalists, no songs are too big! From subtle, intimate vocals to huge gospel harmonies. From earthy acoustic tones to anthemic power chords and any orchestration is possible too.

When the song is finished, it will be mastered in HIGH QUALITY AUDIO. A sample mp3 file of the song can then be sent to you via email if required (the highest discretion will be used). DTM will then package your finished CD in a stylish gift box to fit the occasion, personalised artwork is welcomed, personal messages can be scribed onto CD's, duplicates are available do not hesitate in asking, DTM MUSIC PORTRAIT is here to make your perfect gift special. If you don’t require a hard copy CD and just want us to send it straight to your computer digitally as a master WAV file, please specify (see pricing & licensing details).

Please note that the all DTM and XGYPSY songs and samples are NOT copyright free!  XGYPSY have full ownership, rights and are copyrighted © 2010. If any of these songs want to be used, full permission is required and relevant fees (Please see pricing and licensing).


If you have a budding singer in the family, or a friend, who need songs to release their own CD single or album? LOOK NO FURTHER! Why not take a listen through the DTM song sample library  where there are a few of Mitchell’s songs of all genres (some of which are for sale & licence) and if there is a specific sample that would suit, contact DTM . Alternatively, Tony Mitchell can be hired as a writer/composer to create a specific song to suit (see hiring rates). If there is a service you require from XGypsy / DTM MUSIC PORTRAIT that is not specified please contact DTM as alternative arrangements may be available.

They say music  universal language, with DTM MUSIC PORTRAIT, not only can you say it in song but you can touch the one you love with a real heart felt, unique gift that no one would have thought of giving. DTM MUSIC PORTRAIT is fast becoming the ultimate gift to the one that matters to you the most… say it in song, say it with DTM MUSIC PORTRAIT!!


DTM MUSIC PORTRAIT copyright © 2010 - present

XGYPSY music copyright © 2010 - present


Here's what to do ...

Contact DTM MUSIC PORTRAIT via the contact page

Specify which occasion the song is required for.

Specify what style of music / artist you require your song written in .

Alternatively if there is a sample that you like amongst the sample library please specify.

Submit your thoughts and feelings.

Please specify when you require the finished song

DTM MUSIC PORTRAIT will send you a 60 second song sample via email (the highest discretion and confidentiality will be used)

Once song is complete please allow 3 - 5 working days for delivery (outside UK please allow longer)

Licensing / Terms and Conditions

DTM MUSIC PORTRAIT is the perfect template for you to express yourself and let the person you love know how much they mean to you in a way that no other gift can do ...

 DTM Music Portrait copyright all songs

All songs written and produced by DTM Music Portrait have all rights reserved.

All songs are for personal use of the client only,

 Any unauthorised use of the songs are strictly prohibited

For example use in Film, TV, Media, Broadcasting, Public Performance, Copying, Editing or Re-production

Permission needs to be granted by DTM Music Portrait and a fee to be negotiated

All songs written for the client are exclusive and will NOT be used again

However ... if songs written for the client are picked to be used via Film, TV, Media, Broadcasting, permission will be needed from the client and a fee will be negotiated depending on the original input from the client.


PLEASE NOTE: Because Tony Mitchell (XGYPSY music) is a professional songwriter and session musician, people have tried to use Music Portrait as a shortcut to getting Mitchell to write a song for their own personal gain ie: getting a record deal, (see hiring rates) writing songs for film/TV and media all of which are NOT connected with what DTM are trying to achieve. DTM are a making the song an exclusive, personalised gift that only you can have. Therefore, Tony Mitchell and XGYPSY music, own all the rights to all songs written or recorded and permission would be needed from you or us, if it was to be used in any film/TV or any other media.


DTM MUSIC PORTRAIT copyright © 2010 - present

XGYPSY music copyright © 2010 - present

XGYPSY © Copyright 2004 - present . Contact us    find us on facebook