XGYPSY - Tony Mitchell - warts and all …

“After riding around the block a few thousand times with various bands and artists of all different shapes, sizes and egos, it was time to take a different direction.

In 2004 I came off the road and formed XGypsy with my wife Dawn, specialising in music for Film, TV and Media. Having a huge back catalogue of original material wasn’t enough. To do this, I had to fine tune myself as a composer by orchestration. I had to get inside the scenario to create the perfect piece to fit”.

“At first, I worked to storyboards from independent film companies and did this for free just for the experience, which proved to be invaluable. I found out that I was more than qualified to do this and took it to the next level. Although, to an extent, soundtracks have to be contrived, I think of myself edgier, darker and more dynamic than the normal and love to create on demand, if need be”.

“Even though I love creating high energy, metal riffs that would speed through any action scene, I also like the earthiness of the acoustic guitar, which lends itself to a more honest, personal theme. Orchestration and choirs pieces are what I am requested to create the most. I love to do this, especially when blended with tribal or war drums and makes for the ultimate blockbuster or trailer”.

“Those who know me know I am a huge fan of the horror and dark fantasy genre and get great satisfaction out of composing for this field. If I have a forte, I would say dark western or Latin American films, ranging from 60s Ennio Morricone to present day composers. I am a huge fan of Tarantino too, who is a perfect template for a vast amount of my music. He inspired my 2010 concept album, Kingdom of Deadmen’s Black Rhapsody & 2013 follow up album "My soul to take", of which, I am very proud of and have people pitching this for a movie in the US”.

“Now fully established, not only am I passionate in what I do, I look to the next challenge I am always looking to better what I have already achieved”.

"Those who know me, know I have to have things done right, and won’t take “that’ll do!” as an option -  I suppose that I have not gained many friends this way. I have been criticised for living like a recluse when writing and shutting myself off from the rest of the world, but this is how I work and always have".

"In order to create the right composition, you really have to be it! I am my own worse critic but this is me".

 "This is who I am … this is what I do … MY GIFT, MY CURSE"!

Tony Mitchell

XGYPSY continues to grow, with You Showcase, which offers people to showcase their talents via professional videos, music recordings, presentation or audition pieces to DJs. Professional accompanyment can also be offered to any singer songwriter or musician who requires it.

Mitchell also continue to write for various projects, which can be purchased via the XGYPSY shop.


Soundtracks for TV/Film & Media of all genres. Can be tailored to suit any type of media & can composed on demand. Browse through the soundtracks samples library.


If you want to break into radio as an singer, musician, Presenter, Actor or DJ, you'll need a personalised Audio/Video Show reel to showcase your talent and range?

If you, or know someone who has their own “X Factor” but doesn’t have the band or accompaniment to make your or their own showcase/audition CD or video,

Here IS just what you are looking for…

 Under the umbrella of XGypsy music & video production,
YOU SHOWCASE can provide you with all that you need with one ingredient that others don’t…


We take into consideration what your needs & requirements are beforehand & work with you throughout the whole process.

All that we ask is you have a clear idea of what you want before the session.


If the track you are creating requires additional music ie: drums, guitars, keys, orchestral or backing vocals, we can also provide all of these & a whole lot more. As a session singer & musician, Tony Mitchell can offer his 30 years experience & knowledge for your song/s. (if you have a backing track, please specify)


If you have a specific style that you want your song/track/video audition or piece to be, we will be more than happy to research & work with you to get the desired results.


We have worked for many years with various bands & artists, filming music videos, documentaries & live concerts as WOLF SPIRIT UK”.

We can offer you HD music videos to the desired style (live or full production),

Video auditions to chroma key (green screen), natural or in character, from acting, poetry, singing, playing to still photography portraits.


To schedule & book for a YOU SHOWCASE session



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